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Founder / Chief Content Officer

Sheldon Wong Schwartz is an award winning film and commercial director, who has helmed commercials for global brands like Lenovo and Samsung. Wong spent four years working with DJI - the world leader in consumer drone technology - as their executive creative director. At DJI, Sheldon led multiple global video and photography campaigns shot in over 15 countries. His recent directorial efforts include the The Tattooed Heart with Jennifer Morrison and Madison Wolfe, and the The Circle with Ryan Phillippe and Noah Schnapp. 


Sheldon is represented by Greg Pedicin at The Gersh Agency and managed by Jay Glazer at Roar. Sheldon graduated from high school and started college at the age of 13, graduating CSULA in just two years at the age of 15. His first job was as a programmer for NASA at age 16.


Founder / Executive Producer

Willis Chung is an executive producer with a film and commercial background, who has produced for brands such as Apple, Samsung and Lenovo. Parallel to his production background, Chung established himself as an entrepreneur in the digital imaging technology space, with his company Sclera Digital - winning clients such as Marvel and HBO. 


Before helming all content at Mad Minds, Chung produced all of the global video content at DJI - the world’s biggest consumer drone company, from 2013-2017. Chung’s experience at the intersection of technology and cinema gives him an edge that is perfect for Mad Mind’s mandate of engaging storytelling, from a different perspective.

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