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June 16, 2013


Just around the corner...

 Sleeker. Lighter. Cooler. Coming Summer 2013.

May 06, 2013


A Kickstarter kind of summer

Putting the final touches on our prototypes. Make sure to pre-order via Kickstarter when we launch hopefully next month. To clarify this will be for the new version of The TILT (code name: Stealth) that will come in two sizes, the 13" aluminum unibody MacBook Pro and the 15" aluminum unibody MacBook Pro. The TILT for the Retina Display MacBook Pros will be available later in the year. We will make sure to notify each and every one of you when the Kickstarter campaign is up! Thanks everyone. 
January 23, 2013


The New coming

We know you have all been waiting...waiting very patiently. The New TILT is currently in development and will be available through Kickstarter for the 13" and the 15" unibody MacBook Pro. That's right...due to the countless e-mails we have received from 13" owners, The New TILT 13 is in development with The New TILT 15. More details to come but we just wanted to thank you all for your patience. We want to give you guys the BEST product possible so we are taking our time to do it right! Thanks again! 

December 25, 2012


All TILT models out of stock

Originally posted on 7/6/12.  The current version of The TILT is out of stock. We are in early development on The TILT 2.0 which will include a version for the MacBook Pro Retina Display and for the current unibody MacBook Pros as well. 

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April 02, 2012


A fantastic review for The TILT from

The positive reviews for The TILT keep coming in. This time from one of the United State's biggest Mac Apple sites Make sure to check out the full user review from their editor. 

March 22, 2012


The TILT gets 4.5/5 Stars in latest review

MacUser, one of the biggest Mac sites in Greece recently reviewed The TILT and gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars. At least that's what we think it says...thank goodness for Google Translate. Check the review and get ready to get your translate on (unless of course you can read Greek): 

February 22, 2012

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Just an update

It's been awhile since we posted on our official blog so we thought it was time for an update. We have been selling The TILT directly on our site here now for about 2 and a half months. The momentum from our successful Kickstarter campaign and the press we received from it continues to drive our sales. We are almost sold out of our initial inventory all without spending a dime on marketing. Thanks to all you TILT supporters who have and continue to spread the word! 

On the international front, we have locked in one distributor in Japan and are still working out deals for the UK and Germany. Until then you can still order directly on our site to select international territories. 

Since we are almost sold out, our second shipment of The TILT is already in production so hopefully sales will continue to be seamless. It's been a trip launching and running our own business all in a matter of a couple of months so we do thank all of you for your continued patience and understanding. 

A big thanks to all the madMINDS supporters out there! We couldn't be doing this without you! And what's next for madMINDS? We are in R&D phase on a couple of other projects you guys will love...they are pretty crazy but that's what madMINDS is all about! Oh, and yes, we do continue to evaluate new versions of the TILT for different size Macs. We will keep you updated as things continue to progress.

As always feel free to reach out to us with any questions and please continue to share the madMINDS love! We leave you with this pic of our awesome USPS man filling up an entire truck full of TILTs to send out. 

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